Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 pretty much done with

Well, considering the terrible year I've had, I haven't come off too badly. I've played 7hrs in December and am up $5k. First off I took 2% of frenzuh who went on to get 2nd in an FTOPS for $60k (shame it wasn't a bigger event),I saw £1100 profit from the whole package. Then I played two days of 3hr sessions and got 1st, 2nd, 2nd in $35 180s. Sweet. The first 2nd place was HU v pessagno. Me and him were both CL's from the get go at the FT. Watching him play was simply unbelievable. He lived up to all the hype people rave on about him, and which I've seen with my own eyes over the years from him. He raises almost literally 100% of hands, and each and every time he's looked up he doesn't fail to have a hand. Utterly incredible. One hand at the FT with about 5 or 6 left the SB rejammed 10bbs on his MP open with 92o, pessagno obviously had QQ LOLLLLLL. Miraculously for a change the elimintations went smoothly (probably cuz he was at the table so ty for that) and I managed to pwn him in one hand bvb whereby I called his river big bet on a 4 flush board with a 7 of the suit, he had a 3 lol. But HU sucked, I lost most chips calling down A high which was pretty poor but it didn't matter really, I would've lost no matter what, literally world's worst running player vs world's best.

The 2nd 2nd that I got was much more painful. Starting as CL with not much in it, I was up against a whale who couldn't fucking miss. TP every hand I ended up down to 20k vs his 250k. Amazingly I came back though to be CL 150k v 120k and STIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLL lost in what felt like 9hrs of HU!!!

Whatever, my year looks roughly like this

Most of my money was defo made from 180's, making only about 5.6% ROI in 4k 18s which totalled roughly around 40% below EV. That's the reassuring part of it, knowing that my run terrible ROI is about on par with even the highest ROI reg in 18's for last year, except their samples must be big enough to have evened out EV.

180 figures look like this:

SNG 180 Players 01/01/2013-12/08/2013 Rebuys:2.45 2,778 $7.25 $17.03 39.3% $20,143 83

Excluding rebuys is:

SNG 180 Players 01/01/2013-12/08/2013 2,463 $7.55 $17.8 38.9% $18,585 84 before u try that bullshit line =D

And since October 2011 when my game changed dramatically:

SNG 180 Players Rebuys:2.45 4,364 $6.39 $16.16 36.5% $27,883 83


SNG 180 Players 3,710 $6.6 $17.07 35.5% $24,485 84

So to see that the average regs' 180 ROI these days being less than 20% is very funny.

Incidentally I'm 6th on the $35 180 board currently $1 short of a gold star, yes $1!!

Now there's already plenty of 2014 blogs started on 2+2, before December's even out. It's pretty interesting to see a fair few 18m regs going for 40k+ games, SNE and the like. Looking at the leaderboards the most games played this year is nearly 50k games 4lakers44 and sooo tilted, but then mastronick is blocked I think so he may have played more. Total profit of around $55k is roughly the same as 2012 and 2011, but pretty sure with considerable more games played, confirming ROI drops as each year goes by.

Once again I'm feeling motivated to say I'd love to really knuckle down next year, I mean if I could find the strength to do the hours players like sooo tilted and mastro do I know for a fact I'd run away with profit and it would be higher than most previous years. But I think we all know by now that even if I PROMISED to do 8hrs a day at least 5 days a week it simply isn't going to happen ;D

Also I couldn't just stick with 18's given that I love 180's so much, there would have to be a similar 60-40 split that I had with them this year. That said I could still be well up there even then if the hours were put in.

Pretty sure I've said multiple times this year that I'm flat out gonna quit poker at the end, I think everyone knows I'm simply venting with stuff like that. Even if I wanted to get a different job there's no way we can get anything close to salaries that are possible in poker evenif I just played $3r 180's exclusively!!

Anyway Decemeber isn't quite over yet, I'll no doubt play a little more before the 31st and I may even be back to gloat some more and add to the graph but if I only lose then it shouldn't be a great deal because I obv won't volume anything. Will just be a few 180s and MTT's, might play the yearly Million or whatever it's called.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2 month no post

And you're not going to get any change either. Apart from the fact I've played less than ever. I've played 1400 games since Sept 1st and not made a penny. Reason I@ve hardly played mostly is cause I've moved in with a mate now and just couldn't give a flying fuck about riggerstars. Each and every time I make a little appearance I'm just totally cunted almost every single hand whether it's days or weeks I haven't played for. The 50-50 chance that I will actually start a set up and run somewhere within a country fucking mile of EV is in fact a 0-100 chance. Literally 100% of the time every session starts with pure misery for every pot. Which obviously does even less for any scrap of motivation I might have left...which is clearly none.

I just played 20 games lasting 2 hours, mostly 18m with a couple 180's and two MTT's thrown in, one being the Hot 44. This game was running smooth as balls, getting alot of opening hands, taking alot of pots...and then the rigging pricks decided it was time for retardation.

I'd fired only one $60 of the bunch and I simply cruuuuuuiiiiiiiiised throughout, taking a commanding lead...and then: BULLCUNTINSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simply fucking hilarious, just on and on, whether I play twice a fucking year or thirty thousand times a day, that 50-50 chance is 0-100 without fail.

Monday, September 23, 2013

3/4 summary

win a bit, 2000 games break even, win a smidge, 4000 games break even, win a tad, 1500 games break even so far, prolly heading for another 5k in total. I honestly don't know how I've won a single cunting penny all year. RIGGED2SHYT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

plain had enough of the game

My volume of late has just been pathetic. And it's all come from the gradual grinding down of my soul, the relentless bullshit that just will not ever give up raping my ass consistently. I'm still around 70% losing days on the year, despising the game. If someone gave me a ticket outta here I'd snap their arm off. Like I dunno, probably for $2 million I would agree to never play online poker again. Happily. ECSTATICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe even for less.

Really dunno what my future holds in this game, I'm moving soon to a friend's where my outgoings will be roughly halved, I'm sure that won't do much for motivation to play either. Yet I need to make maximum money to eventually move into my own place again, preferrably BUYING somewhere. That prospect is just plain fucking LOL right now that's for sure.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

nothing to see here

Imagine one day I'll post something a little refreshing to report about this total hell hole of a poker site, but that day is probably a few decades off. yes another 10 or 20 years until they're rumbled, tried and hanged for their offences.

I signed up for a 180 comp through 2+2 from August 12th til 2nd September. It was a team comp which me and piratos14 teamed up for picking another 2 players to make it 6 teams of 4. Was quite surprised even that many turned out actually. Our other two memebers were mikjii15 and s@mauraiplaya. I'd never heard of either of them and pirate had some weird selection process which saw them recruited. Whatever, I didn't care too much as short term there was obviously gonna be a huge amount of luck involved.

So naturally doom insta struck didn't it. I immediately fell sick just before it was due to start, resulting in my promise to volume alot more than usual being a huge fail. I still played more than a few players who pretty much quit before they'd even started, so a nice little donation of $135 towards the comp from them was greatly appreciated. was captain of one team and was doing his usual of spouting complete bullshit about how our team has no chance. Well we obviously proved them wrong, sustaining a +30% ROI while the other teams could only manage a pathetic 12% average over +25k games collectively LOLOLOL!! That's the standard of 180 regs these days. The result isn't certain yet, we are neck and neck with team hennerz which requires audits to confirm things.

Again, naturally the last 2 days of the comp I ran like complete aids, busting gigantic stacks in countless $15 FT bubble and FT stages, hands like this which are absolutely catastrophic coolers.

Today was the worst day of the entire 21 days of the comp, for all of us, we all ran like total fucking aids. But for me today was beyond belief. Totally fucking amazing shit constantly all day, I managed to shatter more records. In 100 AIPF's I was 800bb/100 below EV. I mean that figure is fuciking hysterical. Lliterally 100% of 80-20s, 70-30s, everything lost. Not a single flop without an Ace (of which I obviously didn't have). Then after 300 showdowns I was still 500bb/100 below LMFAO. I challenge anyone on earth to spend hours on their database to find any sample of 100 or 300 hands with that figure. No one will be able to get it, cuz it's only me with the 10000% controlled account, physically controlled just not even debabatable. Just sick to fucking death of it.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

into 5th month break even

Four thousand games BE, potless since March. This type of thing day in day out.

^That's today's 112 games with 5 little cashes.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

regs in my manor, gonna learn

I'd like to dedicate this post to MTT SnG reg and sheep shagger, Aliquantum. He's recently decided he thinks there's room to hop into MY games, the games I rule and crush above all else world wide. I'd just like to say, enjoy your little virgin upswing. That's what all newcomers to the 18's get, I had the same. In my first 100 18mans ever my graph is vertically up. Once the system's caught up with you it'll be lights out, and you'll have to sit back n mire the chief. gluck Bruce, have a 4X on me

Sunday, July 21, 2013

one month on...


Bottom line, 7k games played, 6.5k break even.

And today, 70 solid bricks at 7000% below EV, just fuckin lolarious, a decade of it, non stop.

Here I am, 69 bricks and we're at a $15 180 FT bubble, 10 left. Bearing in mind I've already murdered fifteen cats and twelve puupies thru the day, I obviously find this hand extremely relaxing. [ ]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Am already down 55 bi's since the 60 180 2nd in just 8 total hours of play. Seriously no matter what this blog has been through this is THE STONE NUT UTTER TOTAL BALLS OUT WORSSSSST POKER SPELL OF MY LIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Each year record upon record shattered to oblivion. A pure unclucky coincidental feat? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA U NAIVE BUNCH OF TOSSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a real cracker

Two other scorchers were back to back heart flushes with A3hh and A6hh shoving from EP into my AQ and AK on the almost direct FT bubble for them to both runner runner the flush, and about another 10 heart flush cuntovers to boot. Not a single heart fd missed. Finally I get to a 35 180 but struggling. However I still have a chance for a day saver.

3 months penniless

There or thereabouts. Pretty sure it's the longest period of my entire poker career that I haven't profited. Prob isn't the biggest amount of games as total that amounts to 1600 games LOL but whatever care, it's still way way wayyyyyyy too long. Nearly all the damage is in 18's as actually 180's I've been doing well, especially this month. For June I'm up 5.5k in 180s and down 2.5k in 18's *MASSIVE EYEROLL.


Did you read that? I know I kow, fucking hilarious wasn't it, I need to HIT any cards from 41 of 46. In other words I'm 54% favourite vs 32% and win not just any fucking SnG without playing HU... BUT A CUNTING SIXTY WUN AIIIIIIIIIIIIDYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that's $3k for first in case you didn't know.

So what cards of the 46 does the ever so realistic, extreeeeeeeeeemely integral, would'nt shaft anyone in a month of sundays bastardstars decide to dish out?? Naturally, an Ace for starters. So no only is that one of the 5 possible outs, but one of only two Aces. LOL SURPRIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSE. If that wasn't cunting good enough it had to stick a Ten out there aswell so that not only do I lose but chips get nicely distributed betwen the two of them!!!! YOU'VE NO IDEA HOW ENRAGING THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately very next hand, new big stack makes a tragic call from other guy's btn shove with A4, btn has A9 but a 4 ensures me 2nd place for $2k tank fuck!!!

HU lasteed 3 hands before I'm facing a jam with nearly 20bbs and A3s, fuck it good enough. He has A4o. oh easy chiop then. DOn't be fucking silly, HI 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444. KYSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

another grand spunked, last legs now

I'm almost now at the stage of having to move out of the 60's. Never EVER thought at the beginning of this year I'd be saying that 6 months in!!!!!! Today has been more of the same incredible impossibility and more of this cunting shit.

At least ten river 2 outers have occured, I mean that's obv the norm, the every day norm for only... and no one...NO ONE else on earth. That cunt ICANTSNG sits there week in week out making terrible plays and hitting 30 BOP scores a month and has hit every Golden sng that has gone off so far above nano stakes. FUCKING SICKENS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

just more and more amazing every day

I mean this shit is getting beyond the....there's actually NOTHING LEFT for it to go beyond!!!!!!! After a whole fucking decade of it how can there be?!?!

LOOK AT THIS SHIT!!! Just a few of examples of a trillion hands of the same utter rigged bullshit I live every day of my life.

First of all clever me! Yes, why don't we just try and get clever with AA when we're the STONE UNUCKIEST CUNT ON EARTH????????? What is the NUT WORST card the river can be?? OH WHAT A SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WOULD YOU ADAM AND CUNTIN EEEEEEEEEVE IT.

Onto late stages of an MTT with a decent top prize. WTF IS THIS CUNTIN SHIT?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And a few hands later in that game once again we get cute with AA and WOULD YOU ADAM AND CUNTIN EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE IT ONCE AGAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN
Just every fucking day relentlessly. WORST YEAR OF MY LIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFE

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

time for another massive rant

Dont even know where to start. Same place as usual, no change, just pure and utter perma HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! If it wasn't for the fact I've won 2 $35 180's this month I'd prob be fkn busto in the $3 games. Just literally hundreds upon hundreds of cashless streaks in 18's...and not even below EV at that!!!!!!!!! Never been so fkn card dead my entire life. My stats must've gone from their usual 25/20 to more like 3/2!!!! Utterly AMAAAAAAAAAZINGLY IMPOSSIBLE. All in all 2013 has been the year from pure fucking hell, not much different to any other year but still. I've lost 68% of days played this year. That's 70% of my life in pure misery. That's producing my boss's product to perfection (playing like a fkn boss), him coming out his office at 5.30pm to smash it all to fuckin bits and tell me I'm not getting paid for the month/bi month/quarter/bi -year/year/CUNTING LIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

another lay off, gee I wonder on the comeback?

Just finished a week of parenting, and am back...properly this time. The second 6 months of the year needs to be BIG!!! It's serious now, actually pressured to live.

So I come back, what are my chances? Bearing in mind in 10yrs of poker I'm 100% for being ridiculously unlucky upon a comeback of any kind. Get your fucking money on, LUMP ON BIG. If only you could, because odds couldn't be worse than 50-50. Why should it be any different to 50-50 as to whether you're gonna run above or below expectation? It shouldn't. Well, you would've won, big time. After 8hrs I'm 150bb/100 below EV. SURPRIIIIIIIIIISE.

Biggest thing was the snupernova quarterly freeroll. 15 minute levels 10k starting stack, huge money at the FT it's not a tourney to take lightly really. Well, over 500 hands I was dealt J2o virtually every hand. Actually ran something like 15/6 throughout, this is from a usual 29/22 guy!! That's how card dead I was. Managed to win just when I got to desperation point and cashed. Here's the exit hand which I'd waited 900 fucking hours for. Game's an utter cunt of a joke. A decade of it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

absolutely no let up whatsoever

The utterly rigged hell just will not stop. Am now 12 losing days from 16, and not even below EV, just simply millions upon trillions of coolers, or like last 5 chips going in on the flop so villains quads he flopped seeing a flop with 72o doesn't get marked as a bad beat vs my whatever. Really dunno how much more I can take of this. Have actually been noseying through the job sections of local papers recently, not that it's any use, there's less and less jobs available every year and there was fuk all in 2010!!!!! Looks like I could be stuck in this hell hole and have to end up playing $7 stakes again before too long, as they tighten the rig up more and more each year.

So then I'm left with this vs guy who I'm obv going to ko, plus guy on other table still on 2bbs, so it's all critical, 2 doubles and you can easily go on to win.

This is what every single tournament is like, every single fucking day of my life.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

beyond absolute words

I'm writing this on the verge of almost requiring a stake. You may not be able to believe your eyes considering I've been playing with around 1000 abi's but, having recently spent $15+k on a motorbike and gone INSTANTLY on the 10000000% guaranteed to happen massive downswing of nearly 100 bi's in 17 hours, I'm just at a loss for anything right now, words, sensical thinking, I'm not even on this planet.

I'm at around 3 cashes in 100+ MTT SnG's, 2 small cashes in 100+ $15 180's, at roughy FIVE HUNDRED % below EV. That's 60bb/100 AIPF EV and 9bb/100 actual since the end of last month. Literally the second I spent that money it clicked...CLICKED!!!!!!!!!!

This is the second big downswing in 5k games. I had a 180 bi swing from December 2nd to the 11th, wow I still can't believe I even survived that, almost $5k lost at $26 abi...SICK!!! Not as sick I know as many, MANY average lame regs out there these days, especially in the hypers, but that's not the point. Bigger downswings these days are caused by two things, and neither of them are anything to do with more regs bein gin the games.

On a brighter note here's a pic of my 180bhp 2nd or so fastest production bike in the world.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

massive rant

The past few days have easily been the nut worst of the year, and possible of the past few years!!! It never rains it pours has never been truer! In the past few days my internet, the entire town's internet, has gone to shit, I've smashed my beloved loyal 3 year old phone, switched to the more modern touch screen shit I have laying around from the previous upgrade, had that fail in numerous ways, then gotten an iphone 4 delivered today and got majorly tilted adjusting to it, had nightmares with bank spending about 4hrs total on the phone to them at 50p a minute over a transfer I made to a regular recipient which didn't go through and has subsequently been getting fobbed off from one bank to the next, until yesterday when I laid a bunch of fucks n cunts into a poor polite girl on the phone who insta reimbursed me £100 for stress and phone bills until the matter is resolved. And other stuff that I'd rather not go into on here.

Yesterday forgetting my internet was total shite I made the mistake of firing up some tables for the first time in a while. I mean I've played 500 games this month, prob the least amount ever!!! Well, obviously the 100% record stayed at 100%. Of returning from a lay off to pure and utter impossibility!!! Started off with about 2/50 in AIPF's and ended up 300bb/100 below after about 90 all told. I cashed 2 from 32, not including some pointless min cash 9mans, one was 2nd in a $60/18 and the other was a $15/180 FT I made and was looking to make it a session saver. The FT was full of those horrible regs that rejam any broadway to any raise from anywhere on the table, except of course when I actually have a hand!!!



HEM says over 3k from same amount of games so don't know which one's lying. CARE [ ]

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Doesn't feel like 2 weeks since the last post. Well it's half way through the month or thereabouts so it's a good a time to post as any. I've made a few quid but it's still been really frustrating. Mostly because I've had a TON of 5th, 4th, 3rds in 180's that I should have gone at LEAST one place better in which would probably see me on at least $1k extra. 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5 position from 112 180's. Let's take a look at some hands.

This one was an FT bubble hand, and you can see who the regs are. I can't be sure if he's calling a shove there so if he was then ok fine (even though his call would be terrible vs my range) but if he wasn't planning that and was just flatting to see a flop then LOOOOL. I'm finding there are more and more regs doing his now and you know I'm pretty sure it's down to a thread some SUPPOSED HS MTT reg made some time ago now, about how you actually have odds to flat in the BB with no matter what size stack left. The thread is bollox and I don't care what math he wants to use it's massively -ev and no douchebag BB flatter will EVER profit v my ranges...EVARRR!!!!!!!

That was a $35 and I STONE FT bubble the next TWO $35 180's too. One was losing A9 to bfizz's KJo. Next was a 3rd in a $60 180 where I had to call a std bvb jam with Qto from a reg shoving atc without a doubt, obv he hwas AQo cuz well, toorealtoorealtoorealtooreal etc.

I then lose this $15 HU having been 5 to 1 up.

This was the worst of them all. Going out 3rd in a $35. The reg in question is a complete tragedy, like all regs. I believe she's female too.

Next was this beauty, crucial spot there which would got me a pretty dead cert >4th.

Straight after that was a $8 FT bubble when a reg rejams his BB with A4 into my QQ and obv doesn't miss seven Aces.

After that was a $35 4th when a reg calls my bvb shove with KJs for 15bbs, it was -ev vs me, quite considerably so but tools like him prob can't even fold 22 there.

Straight after that was a $35 3rd as I lose BVB calling a shove with A2s v K6o.

So most of those decent finishes were $35's which obv makes the pain worse and could have easily been a massive month already had I won those crucial flips.

See, even when I run good I run fucking bad. One day.... JUST ONE OF THESE CUNTING DAYS!!!! I'll catch a break.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

more live

Decided on going back down for easter monday action as well. To sum up, quite simply.... OUT OF THIS WORLD!! In terms of both how horrendous EVERYONE is, and how unlucky I CONSTANTLY am!! Aswell as day 2 of the big tourney obv running, they had a side for £50 with a £3k gurantee, 10k chips, 25 min levels. I'm on a table of the two nut worst players on this planet just no question about it. They're 10x raising like 6 limpers with 54o etc. In fact, I was in that exact hand. Everyone limps and btn like 10x's, I have 99 in the SB and flat. Flop is 554, I c/c him everyone else folds. I decide I don't care what turn and river is I'm just c/cing. I've seen this guy bet and raise post flop with total air all the time. Turn is a King and he actually checks back. Suspiciuos then really, he would bet with nothing at all. River is an Ace, surfuknprise and I c/c a bet that really isn't that big. He doesn't have a King, or an Ace, he has cunting 54!!!!!!

I bust at bb150 with this: Whale no.1 who's doing his utmost to donk off his stack as fast as humanly possible, I mean this kid is a SERIOUS degen, actually OPEN JAMS 3k in LP LMAO!!! Even funnier is that whale no.2 (54 guy) FLATS LOLLLL. I have AKo, my 10k is going in there. 54 guy then tanks gettting a trillion to one and eventually calls QTo. Aswell as the 54 hand he has also binked about 3 flushes, 4 sets and 190 royals in like 10 hands so he's never ever ever ever losing this. Sure enough what's the flop? QTx. My 10 to 1 Jack doesn't arrive and will in fact around 1 in 575 occasions contrary to this math thing that some lying cunt made up once upon a time. Bit like the bible. MATH IS LIE.

Anyway, so I'm off to the cash table, £1-£1. This is even worse, just cannot describe how bad, literally worse than play money on Stars. If you could just run to expectation I fail to see how you couldn't run at like 10000000000bb/100 at cash and like 100000% ROI at tournies in this place. If I lived in the town I'd be there 24/7!!!!

Anyway I'm just card the fuck dead for like the 1000th live lifetime hour of my life. It's just the same as when I played at the club. Sitting there watching every single player go on huge runs of cards whilst my average holding is 83o for decades at a time.
Eventually, the dumb prick who jammed the 86 at bb150 in the tourney is on my right and raises CO to £6. I have JJ in SB, I'm going to kill this little bastard! I make it £18 and he jams for £40 total, I obv snap. We don't turn over cards for cash showdowns til river is dealt. Flo is all unders then OH HELLO THE 90000% TO HIT EVERY TIME ACE WHY HOW FUNNY MEETING YOU HERE. Sure enough the prick turns over AJ. FMAFCL.

Then back to card dead again for like a fortnight. Then, the mate who's brought me down this time in the one car, busts his stack on the £1-£2 table, SO NOW I ACTULLAY GET CARDS R U FKN SERIOUS?!?!??!?! He wants to go home!!! So I get ATo raise from EP, nit woman flats BB, flop is AKJss, she fkn check raises me. I'm 10000% beat but I flat for the backdoor nut flush and obv a Q. Little do I realise how short she is tho and with only the same bet left ott I'm forced to call her all in. Had I noticed her stack I obv would've folded to the cr. Very next hand with matey waiting to go, I get AJs, raise again 4x, 35 callers. Flop is KJJ, I get it in vs one person he has fucking KJ. Just couldn't write this shit. Card dead for eons then when I pick up a hand the RNG screws me so damn hard. It's probably rigged there too. I ain't giving up until I've taken those bastards for a ton of money I know that much!!! Now £500/$800 down in 2 days there.

Monday, April 1, 2013

online shark, live whale

So I played this Easter Extravaganze at Genting, Southend last night. They reached their guarantee numbers no prob and more. 100+ players with a few re-entries. Pool ended up around £16k.

First off, the place was lush and on this particular night, prob the buesiest in long time I'd imagine, the totty was immense!! Stunners everywhere, obviously mostly with their bf's so gg us but wow the standard of woman was incredible. Obviously I'm not talking in the poker dept!

Back to the poker, well, I received bad luck of varying proportions. All in all it was a BAD LUCK night. The tables were 10max. I guess it had to be done to fit everyone in, but that was my first "wtf" moment. I started on a fkn great table and was moved after 5 fuckin minutes, down in to the basement where a load of lat reggers had to start new tables. Unreal, just cuz I happened to be the next BB at the precise moment. It wasa great table cuz there were at least 2 huge whales. The first one was so bad he actually asked the dealer whilst on the river in a hand which was higher a straight of full house LMAO! He was totes foreign, could barely speak english. The dealer told him and some fat reg screached out in complaint "YOU CANT ADVISE HIM IN THE HAND!!!!" to which the director agreed but in som many words pretty much said "ok stfu and get on with it". Hilarious thing was, the guy didn't even have a full house he had a set LOOOOOLLLLL. It was gross, something like AJ9Kx 3 hearts, had been huge raises and calls OTT 4 way and the 2 showdown hands at the end were 99 and AJ!!! And that was with big turn raising guy not even there at the end!!! So sick.

First hand I'd actually made a boat in the BB and won a few K chips to get off to a good start. Then like I say, booted to the basement and it was all downhill from there. All the guys down here are obviously regs with one or two big mouths. Very likeable characters so I was quite entertained. The biggest mouth I reckon must be quite known in the live community. He's tall, built, blonde, squareish jawed but once he opens his mouth it's more camp than butch! He's constantly ribbing the set up, having a laugh with the dealer about how the casino is run terribly in his eyes.

So I'm obv card dead, absolutely nothing I can do anything with, and when I do get something marginal like QJo, there's too much action before me. Then at bb300 with around 100bbs I get AA UTG. I min and very next position 3bets to 1500. Folded back to me I make it 4k. He tanks for ages turns to study me, I have my face stuffed down into my tracksuit top collar hehe. I shift around a bit trying to look uncomfortable and he just flats. Flop is AKx which I'm obv totally possed with, he just got saved :( So I try a pathetic inducer of just 2k and he fold QQ face up. Jeez u can't fold that for like 22% of pot!!! If only it had been AQx ffs!

Next big hand is a fkn disaster. I get KK in the BB and mouth guy opens in EP to 600. I make it 1500, should've made it bigger it seemed he didn't give a shit about odds or anything and had ton of chips. He flats, flop is obviously Ace high that ruins my life. So I go into c/c mode. He barrels and jams river. It's an overbet to my remaining stack by a considerable amount. Now if I use logic here, the board was something like A4T96r. I tanked my river check for quite some time as if I'm wondering should I now lead my Ace, so if he has an Ace he's bound to check back. Even if it's AK. imo shoving river rules out an Ace... so therefore I'm winning barring him having Aces-up or some sick set. But this was NOT my thought process in the hand. My thought process in the hand with all eyes on me including the dealer went something like "gtirjtgprbgvsjtbosmetvpisrunjbsopijbnsdpvdmpsbnrbypjrnyphbnybpnpgknsmpetgvowenmgpjunwrybiunrtpbgaekotasm[pvakntbpwrjobgnwr?????"
And I fold. He shows me fucking 33!!!!!!!!!!!

I would've been on around 60k had I called at bb300. I go card dead again and it's an absolute age until we break up, everyone moaning they want table to break to go back upstairs. Eventually it does and I insta get hands on the next table. Well, THREE in actual fact lol. In a row when I sit down, I raise all 3 and the table with an average age of about 90 are all gasping and muttering LOL. stfu and gi me your blinds mofos! Soon went dead again there then this hand occurs. UTG mins to 1200, MP calls and I'm otb with QJs. I only have around 23bbs though. Meh don't wana fold, can't shove as I haven't played long enough to know their ranges. UTG had played a few hands but had all been flats pre. Thinking back it probably was a sweet spot to shove really. Even nits are gonna have so much UTG they're gonna fold with. I elect to flat as it's multiway and flop coms J9x. OR checks so he obv doesn't have J+, but MP donks 1200. ffs what to do here. min raise? jam? Jam seems risky with OR still actually in the hand, could be c/ring a monster or smth. I obv flat, OR folds. Turn is an offsuit King and donka insta checks but quickly calls my 2200...and then SNAP donks half my remaining stack on a fucking Ace river!!!! Once again my thought process went "gfpeltgjtpgsjnmtgjrnpgjrhgrrj WTF IS THIS SHIT??!?!?!?" Thought process SHOULD have gone. hmm how can he have QT here (xJ9KA), if he's gonna donk his oesd flop then surely he's gonna barrel when it hits, I think most would, no? But then there's prob a million 2 pairs he's gonna do this with. I don't think he realised I only had the same bet left behind so I think HE thinks he's putting out a weird blocker with shit hand, not realising he's actually just committed me. He COULD have checked KJ ott but surely he's have gone for the check raise if so? With it being a bit drawy. Most likely 2pr would be AJ, he c/c's turn now scared of the King but allowing me to rep it and bluff catch with his 2nd pair, then makes 2pr river. Put it this way, I think there were defo more hands beating me than the fucking KK v 33 hand. Again I fold and he shows me fucking 9To!!!! ER WHAT??!!??!!

Now I'm left with like 12bigs or some shit and ironically I'm soon moved back to my original seat where all the original players still are. That got a small laugh!! So so so soooooooooo wish I'd stayed there in that seat all night. Was by far the best in the house in terms of tucked away in the corner with the best view of all the passing hotties etc. With the bonus of terrible fish and a really nice brand new felt too. So I start shoving 10-11bbs, I shoved AQs got no action. Get up to about 15bbs at bb1200 and just min UTG with AQo. Very next position a guy who keeps asking my stack every fuckin time I shove asks how much I got bhind AGAIN. I said bout 12k after I'd raised and he makes it 8k. I mean, absolutely anyone has to be doing this with TT,JJ here so really I should've just got it in there and hoped for a flip, especially as I didn't wanna be coming back on Day 2 with a mere 10bbs, woudln't be worth the petrol! But instinct told me I'm crushed so I fold. He said "damn I thoguht u were commmitted there" so I said he obviously had a monster then, to which he went quiet. Told him I had AQ anyway, he probably had fucking AK knowing my luck.

Really weird thing straight after that, it's raised and called multiway on my BB now I'm on like 9bbs or w/e, and I fold J5 of clubs. Flop comes a club draw and the guy to my left once again speaks to me, "bet u wish u'd called now don't ya?" I'm liuke wtf???? I 100% didn't expose my cards when i folded, does he have xray vision?!?!?!?! How weird man, really weird. I did NOT expose them, fact!!

Eventually I jam the btn with 8bbs and 86s, a jam that nearly 100% of MTT regs online are gona make, but not one I'd usually do because I'm just not stupid. But I was jamming extra wide for the whole reason of not wanting to travel for Day 2 on a crap stack. obv BB has QQ, gg.

Oh one other thing that tilted me somewhat, was their chip colour coding. Was the nut opposite to every other fkn colour codes out there!! Greens were 500 when they're usually 25, 100s were red which are nearly always black anywhere else, blacks were 5k LOL. Fried my brain quite alot trying to add stuff up and throwing in the wrong chips all the time.

Neither of my 2 mates did any good either, well actually the luckiest one of the two did get up to like 60k but he plays wayyyyyyyy too many pots and said he donked it all off. Cash game was hilarious though! I should've got in but was just too knackered, tilted, pissed off, everything. The most degen gamblers of the tourney all leg it to the £1-£1 table on the break and are literally shoving 100-200bbs on 5-way flops if they hit a single card. fkn crazy, you would make a mint simply stalking the cash tables for when these breaks arrive.

Well it was a learning experience that's fo sho, learning that these fuckers are gonna bluff u first hand and not wait to see how you actually play first. Maybe I just look like some cunt who can be easily bluffed, must look like a nit, I duno. I just know that next time I play there and look people up light I'm gonna be shown the nuts!

Friday, March 29, 2013

March and QUARTERLY review tl;dr

First off I will say that now blogger has changed pic uploading and viewing to a retarded version, it's best to right click and open the images in another tab because when you click back it takes you back to top of blog instead of where you were reading. WP blogger, initiative of the higest order, you should team up with FB and battle for the Webhosters Retardation Crown.

Well it's not quite the end of the month but am drawing up the summary now as I doubt I'll play much today and tomorrow. Sunday the 31st I'm actually finally whipping out the live guns and going to play a 2 day event "Easter Extravaganza" (LOL) at my local Genting. It's £150 £10k guarantee. 66 players required to make that, I should imagine there will be more and am intrigued as to how many places they'll pay out. imo it should be around 8 and therefore it SHOULD be 8-max all the way through to make it FT gets paid. I'm about 97% sure that won't be the case, I think if anything these places pay out too little spots, it'll probably be like 6 or something sigh. But anyway, I plan to crush and get in loads of spots where I've got 35-50bbs and faced with a raise, call, call sitting on TT and wondering just wtf to do, and such like. Well I guess there'd be just about enough in the middle to bang that one all-in, but still, bound to be lots of spots where I'm gonna make a much better decision looking at number readouts on a pc screen that what I'll do live. So I'll prob end up becoming a passive fish like the rest and flat everything. We'll see.

Have ended up winning some right at the end of this month, thank flip! I FT'd the Hot $55 again last night, for the second time this year, and got a rather annoying 6th for $2.7k. I shouldn't complain as I should've been gone in 9th when my JJ walks into AA and I flop a set. The 80% turn/river Ace never showed up so was some miracle. I was still disappointed though because I folded a hand I so should've shoved, being shorty on the CO with 6bbs. Was a tough table though as there wasn't a single player over 15% VPIP, they were mostly regs. And the usual doubling of shorty went down about 10x, except for when I get my last 4bbs in with J8o and BB flops trips. ok then. Even more annoying was that 18m reg czlol went and eliminated the final 4 players in 5 consecutive hands.

Anyway, March ends up like this:

And the first quarter looks like this:

This now makes $100/hr on the year, £65/hr, £1400 a week LOOLLLLLLLL. None too shabby.


Let's break things down a little bit

Here is sharkscopes list according to which games I play most.

Wow so 500+ is the biggest number I've played of any one game in 3 months :-OO As you can see, I like to be a master of all trades, jack of none ehehehehehe.

Well I won't break down each buy-in aswell as format because there simply hasn't been enough volume so I'll do all 18's together.


EV comparison

This is AIPF EV. 28% down. If I do it to showdown which includes getting it in on any street, it's down 17%, and for every single hand (ie no filter at all) it's down 27% so fair to say the 28% is probably accurate. ROI is 11%, add 28% to that would make 14% ROI, so once again this way of measuring EV seems to be by far the most accurate out there, as 14% true ROI is very believable for 18m and also ties in precisely the same for long term, like two years worth of stats too.

180's (non rebuy)

EV comparison

20% covering all stakes, obv tiny sample. EV there is 35% down, making possible true ROI 27%. I feel I'm even better than that, definitely in the 30% zone for sure. I've suffered so many beats right at the end game with huge stacks. Didn't blog it yet but the other day, shortly after the last whine post, I won a $35 180 and did get lucky to win it. FT was reg packed but I played it fucking perfect! Ended up HU vs zebkiwi and came from a 1:3 chip deficit (flex). HE was massive CL with like 8,7,6 left and made some hilarious iso's. Terrible reg.

I had one other game left running with it which was a $60 180 in which I was 3rd in chips with about 30 left. Come bubble, just a few minutes later, I was a struggling 5bb stack having lost AA to 77 and 55 for a gigantic chip lead. Then lose AT to QQ and 55 getting it in v shorties that left me on 5bbs. The flips you face as big stack vs the shorties are almost as important as the one vs other big stacks, just picking up their 3bb stacks plus blinds is massive in late stage 180's.

$3r 180's

Had to do sharkscope for this one to account for rebuys. Last audit I checked back in August worked out to 2.7 so I set it to that. Could be marginally different I don't know, FEELS like I've rebought less if anything.

AIPF difference for these is I'm actually up 25%. Would equate to a true 50% ROI. Not sure that's attainable, can take some off for possible rebuy miscalculation. I'm 36% lifetime in them still a bit above EV, but I definitely think +40% is possible.


These games are such bitches. Am carrying on the theme of doing completely shit in the $15's but great in the $30's, the rare occasions they actually run.

It's 30% for the $30's running enough above EV to make it an adjusted 20%. Now I think that's real. I'm 20% ROI for the last 1255 games with EV pretty much even. I still think 22+% should be achievable.


Just gonna bung all the 6 and 9m together, mixing turbos and hypers cause sample is just too small.

Now that redline is 4.5%. Let's do a comparison of how this $ev line is supposed to work vs bb/100, because I fail to even see how a true $ redline is even possible, but then I'm dumb.

There you have it, just a 13% difference, way smaller than the redline implies, making an adjusted ROI of 7.5%. And FWIW, since Jan 2012 the green line is 7% in all STT's with redline on 3.6%. However bb/100 ev/bb100 difference is merely 4%, so hardly any difference at all.
Redline is bullshit imo, and I think it's proven even more so in the high stakes regs' graphs who are like ten million BI's below EV in like 2 years play! Most of their graphs show a break even redline while the green plummets to sick depths. BB/100 comparison probably tells a completely different story which would lead more to the conclusion that they're in fact just terrible. And I know it's isn't just as simple as take the bb/evbb/100 difference and add/subtract that to an ROI, I know it's a VERY rough guide, but imo still more accurate than $ redlines because it always paints a more feasible picture.


Finally scheduled

Pretty brutal 250 game stretch of nothing which is obv nothing compared to what is truly possible for turbo MTT's. bb/100 is 125 with EV on 173, a hefty 40% difference.

Overall, ALL games together I'm 12% down in EV, thanks to running half decent in STT's. I would rather trade the rungood to some 18/180's for the next 3 quarters, however I would take 3 repeat performances of this first one without crying TOOOOOO much.

Monday, March 25, 2013

for a minute there I thought...but naahhh, as if!!

A few days ago I won $3.6k in SnG's in like 2 days. Been doing very well in the $30/18's especially, thinking could this FIIIIIINALLY be the turn around??! Alas, obviously not. That was it, my 2 days run good of the entire year and probably all I'll get for the rest of it. $1.2k of it was INSTA given back over the next 2 sessions. While other regs worldwide get their DAILY fair share of run good, let alone, week/month/yearly, I'm waiting a decade for a dose. Just boring to absolute suicide.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A probable pipe dream

It's probably all it will amount to, but hopefully I can grow a ballbag and realise it instead. The urge to play live has been getting stronger and stronger and lately I've been realising more and more that the UK is probably the nut country for having the most poker available in the smallest space in which to travel. Yes I know Vegas and other CITIES probably offer more, but I'm talking about an entire country here. Basically in terms of poker/sq. mile, UK should pretty much >>>>>>>>>>>> anywhere else in the world, and if it doesn't then the added bonus of not having to pay tax on anything certainly helps.

So then why don't I take advantage of this? Yes it is meant to be alot of hassle and quite the grind, so I read, but having also read what can be made, ya know I think I could pwn it hard! Whilst at the same time expanding my socialising a trillion %, and seeing 1000000% more women hopefully aswell.

Today I browsed the poker blogs on, a British based poker forum that for it's size is pretty darn active, to find encouraging results. The very first one I came across for example had a 2012 summary looking like this!

£63/$100 an hour live and pretty sure he rarely ventured into £2/£5!!!

So my biggest problem with this is obv my total noobness in both the live field and travelling of any kind. So general life noobness the grand old age of 35... facepalm.png!!!! I would much prefer to do stuff like this with some form of poker partner/homie/nagga. Obviously poker is a lone sport, you can't be paired with your buddies at tournament tables and even on the same cash table would be debatably -ev, but for all the rest of it, dinners, partying etc etc a companion would make everything infinitely better.

Am literally talking about leaving the place I live now (to save on £7k a year!!) and living on tour like a freakin musician or something. If one was to do that then I'm pretty sure a mobile home would >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hotels in terms of expenses, but then not being in hotels, especially adjoining ones during times of big events, might miss out on certain partying opportunities and whatever else comes with that.

So I guess the best thing I can do realy is start off slowly by just driving to some event. As I've already mentioned my nearest casino is Southend which was recently refurbished into a Genting, who have multiple casinos across the UK resulting in a poker tour they actually host, the Genting Poker Series (GPS). There's 3 tours that I know of now, the GPS, the GUKTP which is similar but hosted in all the Grosvenor places, and then there's the UKIPT which is obviously the biggest one. UKIPT is weird, it's schedule this year actually buggers off to Spain for one event. WHAT? I believe it just finished this month with the London finale and doesn't start again until June, then August, then two in October. Like, that's not many is it?!! What about April, May, July???? Silly. But obviously GUKPT and GPS fills those gaps and everything inbetween is obviously whatever, fair sized buy-in tournies run every week all over the county, but I think more lucrative than anything else would be cash! Pretty sure I'm rolled to play £2/$5 which for a start helps with rake hugely compared with £1-£1 and £1-£2 iirc.

Whatever happens, if it means going alone or not, I'm defo going to go to my nearest casino's leg of the Genting Poker Tour and try sattying into the £400/$600 main event. But this is in August so I definitely need some live practice before then. We'll see.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ignoring and trying

So today I've set out with teeth grit. It's no good, I HAVE to ignore this shit and grind regardless. I've just completed 4hrs, will grab something to eat and try for more. Here's a list of hands showing the 906% below EV that I am for the day. So first one's a cooler, w/e, thousands of them anyway.

Best way to view the hh's is immediately pause all of them, then click furthest arrows RIGHT to play out each one.

And a REALLY critical one which I didn't BOOM where I'm CL on 6k chips at bb400 in a $100 18 when 2nd in chips shoves UTG, I call KK and BB folds SHOWING AN ACE. UTG has AJs and obviously the Ace comes out once in 8 times, but in reality one in two. Was out the next hand.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

more hysteria

Nothing new to report, never will be obv. After nearly 10 yrears now nothing will ever change. Check out hand of the day, 90% on the flop.

A $700 spunking at 200bb/100 below EV today.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

425th consecutive day of cuntness

Annnnnnnnnnnnd yet another day of hell ensues. Mostly because I'm half way through a session starting out with around 16 tables, dropped to 8 in about 30 seconds of simultaneous bullshit, when I start regging more and don't realise until ages later (duh) that no new tables are popping up. I search myself and there's 25 fucking tables...I see 8!!! FFS NOT THIS AGAIN!!! Last time this happened I mailed Stars and they came out with the old "it's cuz you're using software" bullshit!

Anyways soon after I brick just about fucking everything as per usual, I make a $3r 180 FT with a WHOPPING $487 for 1st. facepalm.jgg fml kms. So I'm CL, we get to 4 handed when I limp button with 12bbs and AA. Both blinds are regs, sb folds BB has massive stack. Flop comes 726r, BB checks and into a pot of 46k I bet 18,500 and he raises pretty fast to 48k and I flat. He then jams a 5 turn and O obv snap. He has middle pair, 96 lollllllll. River? his 98% chance SIX of course.

One of thousands the same throughout the day. When is this illegal site going to be brought to justice???

Thursday, March 7, 2013

more hell, 24/7

55 mtt sng bricks today. How fuckin wunderbar. Once again was fucked over majorly in $35 180's in most of which I went quite deep. Haven't won a KK v any Ace x in what feels like forever now. Just impossible. One was FT bubble, 30k at bb2k btn v blinds rig up. I min call AQo, obv BB is rigged up with QQ. I've played 434 180s >$35 in total at 20% ROI, I checked today, EV is ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY PER CENT BELOW. Just shows how good I am. When am I going to get a fair crack? How is it all the average robot regs run to expectation every day with very much the minority of days running bad, but I'm the SOLE OPPOSITE?


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1 week in

Well almost. Needless to say....HELL. Yes it doth continuouth. Well I've only played a pathetic 16hrs so far, and am up $1200, but obviously this should be more like 14 million. I've had alot of 15-35 and even one $60 180 man FT's just to be royally screwed badly in every single one of them. The nut worst being the very one I just finished up, going from 100k CL with 6 left to stone 4th!!! And this was with two 80% VPIP whales, not regs. It's very, VERY rare that I ever don't go onto at least get HU with a 100k stack on a table of whales. Soul crushing final hands saw K5 <<< 62 bvb then 88 <<<< A2o for lights out.

In the $60 FT I got a smashing 9th having started out in 4th. First this utter hilarity cunted me:

Right well I can't post hh's cuz this place is completely fucked as per usual. siiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Basically I raise in mp with 32k at bb2k and BB flats on 7bbs LMAO. I have ATs and flop is T79r, he checks I bet same sizeas pre raise 4k, he calls LOL, turn is blank I put his remainder in, a measely 7k he calls and turns over K8o. oesd. As you know I'm a 3% dog here, sure enough, his 97%er came in, Jack river. Very next hand left with 16k, I shove AQo in, BB wakes up with TT and nothing higher than a cunting 5 comes out.

Played very few 18's as I've started swapping them for 9m hypers. Amazingly it's those in which I SEEM to be running above ev. It doesn't feel like it whatsoever but according to the stats I am. But all in all it's the same old, intention is there to grind, I get 1 hour in and feel worse than I would were all my family burned alive in a grease fire, quit, rinse and repeat. Chinese water torture is much MUCH nice than playing poker....ON MY ACCCOUNT.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb finished, 4 losing/BE months from 11

Well I've easily had the most losing months in a one year period of all time there's no doubt about that. This month has been fucking awful, so just a normal month really. Without hardly noticing, I've actually made $2.7k in 180's at 40% ROI and $8.90/game. However I've lost $2.7k in 18's at 100% below ev in the $60-100s, and lost $2.3k in MTT's. +$500 from HU to 9man, mostly hyper. Depressed and just bored of the cunt game of rig. Not interested. bye

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2 week review


Monday, February 11, 2013

smashed my hand up

I just couldn't hold it in. Yet another cunting day in my life of a trillion 80-20 losses in a row and I just snapped. I've lost it once or twice b4 smashing the keyboard but this time I just didn't stop smashing til my hand felt broken. Amazingly keyboard is STILL 100%.

$1200 spunked in about 2 hrs, just outrageous horrific beat after another, you know the rest. $3 grand down in 18's now with 3 cashes in 85. It's just one longgggggggg life of utter hell.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The long haul

I come here to write this post in a neutral kind of mood. What I mean is, most of the time when I post on here I'm raging immediately after a terrible session (a session then). But this is more of a stable, calm, thoughts collected post.

This living is no fun. I've just been sitting here drinking beer thinking how depressed I feel, and how often this depression is around. It's MOST of the time. It's been 12 solid months of run bad in the $30 18's now, I'm break even in the last 1600, and 5% over 3k games which covers the past 12 months. Whilst I'm fairly confident even Stu Ungar can break even for that long (paaaah get real!) and that a 3k sample is like just 2 weeks for some grinders, it's still 12 months. My evbb/100 over those 12 months is 40% below actual bb/100.

So I'm sitting here thinking about the bigger picture and I think back on 2012 how many days I felt happy from poker. There was a few nice MTT days. I can recall about 4 days total I felt happy after poker. Now obviously that is a bad memory and I had plenty of decent smaller sessions through the year to be totalling a $50k year. But even then, I estimate no more than 10-14 days absolute top whack, throughout the year did I feel happpy. This job is a massive depressant for me, I guess I can't switch off run bad bullshit as easy as others' do. Most grinders, particularly the hyper 6max boys, I should imagine are total robots to be relentlessly grinding the way they do. I wish I could prgram my brain to be equally as indifferent towards it, but having quite a big ego, being a Leo this is unavoidable, each set back is as painful as the very first was. "Why are you even in this game then?" everyone always asks. Well I'm not going to be doing anything else that's for sure, so I take the freedom in exchange for the hell.

I dunno if I'm ever going to be able to tune my brain to switch off immediately after poker, to just ignore the relentless beats like so many other grinders do, but if I'm to not drive myself to an early grave with it I really must find a way. Listen to me, it's pathetic, think of the Africans and I'm complaining about this? Well you don't choose your thought processes and serotonin levels, you're given them, end of story. What I do know is give me someone else's account and I'd be alot happier. Hmm I'll take pessagno's tyvm. I've railed him many times and used be a rival of his in the $16 9mans back in the day. Let me tell you it's no exeggeration to say, I honestly don't recall a single lost hand I watched of his.

Monday, February 4, 2013

12 of 14 months well below EV

I have it officially in my HEM figures, and probably more so but I'm calling it the past 14 months since I played differently. Every month barring 2 (can't remember which ones) has been at least 30% below EV and in most cases way more than that.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

roll up roll up

Get your hh reviews here and learn to be the best. Any SnG format at all (except fifty50) and turbo MTT.

* $0-$15 level= $150 initiation fee and one hh. $50/hh thereafter.

* $30 level= $200 initiation fee and one hh. $100/hh thereafter.

* $60+ level= bout tree fiddy initiation fee and one hh. $200/hh thereafter.

Yes that's PER HAND HISTORY not per hour.

Initial hh's will take much longer than all the rest because specific concepts need to be explained.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013


It goes without saying that since the bink I've run god awful to the tune of over 100% below EV, I mean there's simply no way on earth the graph is going to continue upwards after a decent score of any kind. It's probably already encrypted into the RNG that I must now suffer for the next 12 months. A solid $2k down in 10hrs since picking up the mouse again.

It's a joke how often it gets to bubble in a 100/18 really fast then just doubles each shorter guy who's all in over and over and over. Then there's a 3-4 way all in cause every cunt's got half a fkn BB left and it flops in big stacks favour, turns middle stacks nuts, rivers shorties nuts. An unbelieeeeeeeeeeeeeeevable amount of times this pure shit happens, an example thus:

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 100 Tournament, 600/1200 Blinds 75 Ante (4 handed)

Hero (SB) (t6386)
BB (t16878)
UTG (t2958)
Button (t778)
Hero's M: 3.04

Preflop: Hero is SB with A, 2

UTG bets t2883 (All-In), Button calls t703 (All-In), 1 fold, BB calls t1683

Button has 7, 7

BB has 8, 9

UTG has A, Q

Flop: (t7369) 9, 4, 5 (3 players, 2 all-in)

yayyy CL winning

Turn: (t7369) A (3 players, 2 all-in)

ok well that'll do, still an elimination

River: (t7369) 7 (3 players, 2 all-in)

Total pot: t7369


Outcome: Button won t3009, UTG won t4360

^ Thats shit is like 50x a day, just pure batshit insanity.

You know what? I would trade just RUNNING TO EXPECTATION in SnG's over any random once every 6 months MTT bink every time.

The only decent thing I have to report on SnG's is that I've started adding 45's again since I saw $30's running like cray the other night, so hoping they'll stay running like cray but think it's gonna be short lived tbh. It's weird how an influx of fish come along for 5 minutes then fuck off again. Well of the 45's I've played I'm up $700 odd and went str8 to 2nd on a leaderboard for my first ss Gold star ever on Stars lol. A decade of play and it took literally 3hrs of 45's to get Gold. BATSHIT INSANE.