Wednesday, March 16, 2016

went and got staked didn't I

So yes it came down to that, the getting nowhere fast at gay stakes meant it just wasn't viable for me to play the game unless I became some insane crazy grinder who could manage 12hrs a day no problem, or I move to Thailand and live on coconut water and bicycles. Despite improving gigantically on my hours spent playing/working/wanting to hang self, I don't think I'll ever achieve that level of hours daily!

So I found a stable and got started on a stake of 60/40 my way as long as I put in a minimum of 2500 games a month, otherwise it would be 50/50 if I failed to meet the target D: Starting 5th February I ended the first 30 days having to grind 6m hypers to get the games in, having gotten off to a pretty good start runnings wise...yes I know, miracles do happen!! (Don't worry it's evened out back to shit since then).

I hadn't played since the 6th til 14th March due to helping the gf move (very very stressful) and all done with one of the worse head colds I've ever had. Having not had a cold in over 5 years I've now had this bastard for about two months and it just gets worse not better wtf!!!!!!

Anyways got back to it yesterday and it's back to business- running like a motherfucker again!

The above was wrote this morning, since then I've knocked out 170 turbos in 9 hrs, after 8hrs I'd dropped over a grand then gotten most of it back. Winning my first ever Sunday Million $7/10 4m shootout hyper sat on the 45th attempt helped. From those 45 games played this year I'd actually made just 4 FT's LOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! Winning that first shootout is actually worth it cuz you get money back from that point. Today however I reach my first HU in one and lost. Next attempt I won. It's weird how form comes and goes the way it does. Like so many people say they feel a bink is getting closer, they'll get there soon and sure enough they do within a couple weeks. wtf is that about?? Every single hand should be just as mathematically probable as the last, it can't be so that you get a bunch of top 50's, then some top 20's, then an FT, then finally bink IT'S BULLSHIT!!! And just more proof of the totally NON random patternised distribution of spreading the wins run bad and good (95% bad for me) around different accounts.

As I said after 8hrs today I was BE having been actually $1200 down at one point abi 15. Then I just decided on a late night 18man dash and bricked every single cunt at trillion % below EV. Just what ones needs to put one in a lovely mood for going to sleep. Fucking rig fest cheat site.