Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2 month no post

And you're not going to get any change either. Apart from the fact I've played less than ever. I've played 1400 games since Sept 1st and not made a penny. Reason I@ve hardly played mostly is cause I've moved in with a mate now and just couldn't give a flying fuck about riggerstars. Each and every time I make a little appearance I'm just totally cunted almost every single hand whether it's days or weeks I haven't played for. The 50-50 chance that I will actually start a set up and run somewhere within a country fucking mile of EV is in fact a 0-100 chance. Literally 100% of the time every session starts with pure misery for every pot. Which obviously does even less for any scrap of motivation I might have left...which is clearly none.

I just played 20 games lasting 2 hours, mostly 18m with a couple 180's and two MTT's thrown in, one being the Hot 44. This game was running smooth as balls, getting alot of opening hands, taking alot of pots...and then the rigging pricks decided it was time for retardation.

I'd fired only one $60 of the bunch and I simply cruuuuuuiiiiiiiiised throughout, taking a commanding lead...and then: BULLCUNTINSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simply fucking hilarious, just on and on, whether I play twice a fucking year or thirty thousand times a day, that 50-50 chance is 0-100 without fail.