Thursday, October 9, 2014


I never intended on posting again on this blog, but raw rage has forced me to come back. Well it might've happened alot sooner to be fair had I actually played all year, but I have in fact played very little up until September, having made I think about $2k all year up until that point lol. The main reason for this has been the fact I acquired a girlfriend (fkn crazy lunatic) in January and will not go into detail as to how that has effected EVERYTHING not just poker in my life, becuz that would probably send me over the edge completely.

So at the end of August someone on 2+2 organised a 180m competition for September and I signed up to that in the hope it would motivate me to actually play and end the rapid declining of my bankroll over the previous 8 months. There was a huge turn out this time around with 45 players signing up to the measely $100 buy in. It last the whole month and my team won it, I obvioulsy played the least games out of everyone LOL but I was still a huge contributor making around $3400 in just 600 games (52% ROI) and luckily our captain calzyhand was volume crazy but also ran pretty good and along with the other 3 secured us the win for around $20k profit total I think. Although it did take about a week until the escrow sorted his life out and cleared his tranfers limits to send the money!!! toolbag. I also got 2nd in the only $60 180 I played all month which was nice lol. Incidentally that 52% ROI across September was all at 40% below for AIPF's. Ok :-|

So then, what do you think happened next?????? Don't think it takes a genuis does it. Just to add to the fact stars have been taken over by a complete bunch of pricks who are doing just about everything in their power to destroy the possibility for professionals to make money (spin n go's, banning 30 countries, and also btw UK are taxing stars now which gets taken from us), the beginning of this month has been fucking horrific!! The $900 I won from the comp was spunked in 8 hours flat at abi $13 LMFAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The continuous hilarity of bullshit witnessed before my very eyes just carries on exactly where it left off and will no doubt ever ever stop. Whether I play 10 games in 2 months or 10k games, nothing will ever change. Two hilarious hands happened absolutely SIMULTANOUSLY which I cba posting becuz I didn't save the hh's but basically both flops are x55, turn of one hand is a 9 and the river of the other hand is a 9. I barrel get it in both hands with big overpair and botrh whale cunts have 95o LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Wouldn't happen in a bajillionn years ever irl, just like most of the day on stars wouldn't either.

Oh and did you hear about the guy who won 3 Sunday huge MTT's last week? By huge I mean huge fields, one was the Storm with like 35k entrants, other was big 55 and something else. Yes that's WON them not just FT'd!! Chances of that? Wouldn't happen irl in a segsegopjsetgpsidtjuvsdfkjvnhsdiubhstibvuhtklbjillion years mate. The place just continues to astound and shock more and more in the OBVIOUS terribly patternised cheap shitty RNG tampering that goes on.

Last post ever bye