Wednesday, May 15, 2013

absolutely no let up whatsoever

The utterly rigged hell just will not stop. Am now 12 losing days from 16, and not even below EV, just simply millions upon trillions of coolers, or like last 5 chips going in on the flop so villains quads he flopped seeing a flop with 72o doesn't get marked as a bad beat vs my whatever. Really dunno how much more I can take of this. Have actually been noseying through the job sections of local papers recently, not that it's any use, there's less and less jobs available every year and there was fuk all in 2010!!!!! Looks like I could be stuck in this hell hole and have to end up playing $7 stakes again before too long, as they tighten the rig up more and more each year.

So then I'm left with this vs guy who I'm obv going to ko, plus guy on other table still on 2bbs, so it's all critical, 2 doubles and you can easily go on to win.

This is what every single tournament is like, every single fucking day of my life.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

beyond absolute words

I'm writing this on the verge of almost requiring a stake. You may not be able to believe your eyes considering I've been playing with around 1000 abi's but, having recently spent $15+k on a motorbike and gone INSTANTLY on the 10000000% guaranteed to happen massive downswing of nearly 100 bi's in 17 hours, I'm just at a loss for anything right now, words, sensical thinking, I'm not even on this planet.

I'm at around 3 cashes in 100+ MTT SnG's, 2 small cashes in 100+ $15 180's, at roughy FIVE HUNDRED % below EV. That's 60bb/100 AIPF EV and 9bb/100 actual since the end of last month. Literally the second I spent that money it clicked...CLICKED!!!!!!!!!!

This is the second big downswing in 5k games. I had a 180 bi swing from December 2nd to the 11th, wow I still can't believe I even survived that, almost $5k lost at $26 abi...SICK!!! Not as sick I know as many, MANY average lame regs out there these days, especially in the hypers, but that's not the point. Bigger downswings these days are caused by two things, and neither of them are anything to do with more regs bein gin the games.

On a brighter note here's a pic of my 180bhp 2nd or so fastest production bike in the world.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

massive rant

The past few days have easily been the nut worst of the year, and possible of the past few years!!! It never rains it pours has never been truer! In the past few days my internet, the entire town's internet, has gone to shit, I've smashed my beloved loyal 3 year old phone, switched to the more modern touch screen shit I have laying around from the previous upgrade, had that fail in numerous ways, then gotten an iphone 4 delivered today and got majorly tilted adjusting to it, had nightmares with bank spending about 4hrs total on the phone to them at 50p a minute over a transfer I made to a regular recipient which didn't go through and has subsequently been getting fobbed off from one bank to the next, until yesterday when I laid a bunch of fucks n cunts into a poor polite girl on the phone who insta reimbursed me £100 for stress and phone bills until the matter is resolved. And other stuff that I'd rather not go into on here.

Yesterday forgetting my internet was total shite I made the mistake of firing up some tables for the first time in a while. I mean I've played 500 games this month, prob the least amount ever!!! Well, obviously the 100% record stayed at 100%. Of returning from a lay off to pure and utter impossibility!!! Started off with about 2/50 in AIPF's and ended up 300bb/100 below after about 90 all told. I cashed 2 from 32, not including some pointless min cash 9mans, one was 2nd in a $60/18 and the other was a $15/180 FT I made and was looking to make it a session saver. The FT was full of those horrible regs that rejam any broadway to any raise from anywhere on the table, except of course when I actually have a hand!!!



HEM says over 3k from same amount of games so don't know which one's lying. CARE [ ]