Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 pretty much done with

Well, considering the terrible year I've had, I haven't come off too badly. I've played 7hrs in December and am up $5k. First off I took 2% of frenzuh who went on to get 2nd in an FTOPS for $60k (shame it wasn't a bigger event),I saw £1100 profit from the whole package. Then I played two days of 3hr sessions and got 1st, 2nd, 2nd in $35 180s. Sweet. The first 2nd place was HU v pessagno. Me and him were both CL's from the get go at the FT. Watching him play was simply unbelievable. He lived up to all the hype people rave on about him, and which I've seen with my own eyes over the years from him. He raises almost literally 100% of hands, and each and every time he's looked up he doesn't fail to have a hand. Utterly incredible. One hand at the FT with about 5 or 6 left the SB rejammed 10bbs on his MP open with 92o, pessagno obviously had QQ LOLLLLLL. Miraculously for a change the elimintations went smoothly (probably cuz he was at the table so ty for that) and I managed to pwn him in one hand bvb whereby I called his river big bet on a 4 flush board with a 7 of the suit, he had a 3 lol. But HU sucked, I lost most chips calling down A high which was pretty poor but it didn't matter really, I would've lost no matter what, literally world's worst running player vs world's best.

The 2nd 2nd that I got was much more painful. Starting as CL with not much in it, I was up against a whale who couldn't fucking miss. TP every hand I ended up down to 20k vs his 250k. Amazingly I came back though to be CL 150k v 120k and STIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLL lost in what felt like 9hrs of HU!!!

Whatever, my year looks roughly like this

Most of my money was defo made from 180's, making only about 5.6% ROI in 4k 18s which totalled roughly around 40% below EV. That's the reassuring part of it, knowing that my run terrible ROI is about on par with even the highest ROI reg in 18's for last year, except their samples must be big enough to have evened out EV.

180 figures look like this:

SNG 180 Players 01/01/2013-12/08/2013 Rebuys:2.45 2,778 $7.25 $17.03 39.3% $20,143 83

Excluding rebuys is:

SNG 180 Players 01/01/2013-12/08/2013 2,463 $7.55 $17.8 38.9% $18,585 84 before u try that bullshit line =D

And since October 2011 when my game changed dramatically:

SNG 180 Players Rebuys:2.45 4,364 $6.39 $16.16 36.5% $27,883 83


SNG 180 Players 3,710 $6.6 $17.07 35.5% $24,485 84

So to see that the average regs' 180 ROI these days being less than 20% is very funny.

Incidentally I'm 6th on the $35 180 board currently $1 short of a gold star, yes $1!!

Now there's already plenty of 2014 blogs started on 2+2, before December's even out. It's pretty interesting to see a fair few 18m regs going for 40k+ games, SNE and the like. Looking at the leaderboards the most games played this year is nearly 50k games 4lakers44 and sooo tilted, but then mastronick is blocked I think so he may have played more. Total profit of around $55k is roughly the same as 2012 and 2011, but pretty sure with considerable more games played, confirming ROI drops as each year goes by.

Once again I'm feeling motivated to say I'd love to really knuckle down next year, I mean if I could find the strength to do the hours players like sooo tilted and mastro do I know for a fact I'd run away with profit and it would be higher than most previous years. But I think we all know by now that even if I PROMISED to do 8hrs a day at least 5 days a week it simply isn't going to happen ;D

Also I couldn't just stick with 18's given that I love 180's so much, there would have to be a similar 60-40 split that I had with them this year. That said I could still be well up there even then if the hours were put in.

Pretty sure I've said multiple times this year that I'm flat out gonna quit poker at the end, I think everyone knows I'm simply venting with stuff like that. Even if I wanted to get a different job there's no way we can get anything close to salaries that are possible in poker evenif I just played $3r 180's exclusively!!

Anyway Decemeber isn't quite over yet, I'll no doubt play a little more before the 31st and I may even be back to gloat some more and add to the graph but if I only lose then it shouldn't be a great deal because I obv won't volume anything. Will just be a few 180s and MTT's, might play the yearly Million or whatever it's called.