Tuesday, August 22, 2017

lolarity continueth

garf since last post. Not played a great deal, been doing alot of studying and video watching. Just kidding myself really, thinking I can learn to play better or some shit. Wasting my time, already the best on earth. If u can't win a single 9.999999999-0.00000000001 shot then you ain't ever gonna win jack shit. As Doug Polk himself says, no matter how good u are, u HAVE to be lucky. I kinda disagree with that, u just have to not get unlucky. But I'm neither of those. Never ever ever ever have or will be. Disgusting control over my life from sick forces that I've pledged to destroy once on the other side.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

just another day in hell

Brings total make-up to around $3800 approaching 300 abi's. Two decent runs today, one was 50th in the Big $55. Was going steadily along until suddenly moving tables which as we all know is when the algoithms rape you big ways. With 30bbs I opened QJss from MP, total unknown defended and pot donked a xxJs flop. I called and he shoves a brick but spade turn. meh had to call off. He'd flopped top two but I was still 30%. Well we all know I can't win 230%'s so it may aswell have been -30%. gg.

Also deep in some $22 reg speed, 22nd from 344, lagtard opens on my BB I have AQ and jam 25bbs. His RFI 975% from anywhere stat obviously stood for AA+, rockets it was.

Gotta keep plugging on at the reg speeds, only came to just over 5hrs today mind. Need to start earlier in the day, more 2-3pm rather than 7.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


So in my other blogs on poker forums I basically announced my retirement after yet another horrific bunch of hours consisting 100% of these lines for every hand. Raise from anywhere at any stage that isn't a shove, called by aat least one person 70% of the time, the other 30% violently 3/4/5 bet with top 3% of hands, 100% of time. All flops seen see the following line, c/c, c/c, c/c lose. Or b/c, c/c, c/c lose. Flop top pair, c/c-trap, lead into turn, ok then, massive bet river, was beaten the whole time by the sheer nuts. bet, shoved on, call, 90% favourite, win zero % of the time. Just any possible line you can imagine where you lose, that's it. Lose lose lose lose lose, lose with a hand, lose with the 3rd nuts, lose with the 2nd nuts, lose with the stone colds, fucking lose lose lose lose simply cannot win a single single single fucking hand. Absolute lying fixed fully controlled bullshit. Not a shadow about it.

As I've posted no garfs as such since blogging again, I'll put a few up.

All year has been ok in the $3r 180's, and the $8 180's, so just the 180-mans basically.

And yes my average no of rebuys is now 1.2, since changing to what I believe is a better strategy and probably one I should've used since day one of those games, but whatevs. I basically rebuy soon as sitting down and don't rebuy at all past bb50. Sometimes there'll be the one rebuy, and quite rarely there'll be a double rebuy in the rare event of busting completely during bb20/30, but it amounts to around 1.2 total over the course. The reason for this is that not only are rebuys now raked when they didn't used to be when it was run by, in comparison, decent human beings, but also cuz rebuying/adding on for 7.5, 10 or even 30bbs has to be -ev compared to simply starting a new game. The argument with this now comes in that they don't run half as much as they used to, but meh I'm sticking by it. There's other reasons which I won't go into as it's a gold dust secret that by the looks of things no one seems to have figured out ;)

So back to the garf, my bb/100 is actually to EV in these, evbb/100 being 7.53, probably, I shouldn't wonder, being the best in the world, the ceiling ROI for them these days. However the CHIP EV graph is a different story, claiming I'm around 4 million chips ABOVE EV. This will be down to the depth of stacks in the $3r's and can create such differences simply by running decent with 3 left and HU. The bb/100 is the most accurate bit and that is even, well to be precise slightly under.

The rest of my games, as you will soon see, show there being not such a massive discrepancy at bb/100 once again, but a gigantic one at chip EV in the opposite direction, simply becuz I've ran so horrifically at critical inflection/bubble and ITM stages of all in on-demands and specifically 18-mans. The $15 on-demands are something that replaced $15 45 and 180mans, incase you've been living on planet Zarg and don't know this. They kick off at 27 players and late reg for half hour or so which usually makes an average across the board of around 70 players, so sharkscope seems to indicate anyways. I started off great in them from around November when they first came out, but as usual it was soon spotted and bullied into submission and huge losses by Scamaya once they noticed it. My evbb/100 in them is 10.17, which is very surprising actually. My actual is 13, so above EV. However chip EV is 500,000 under, again showing that the bad luck comes at critical late stage.

Here's the proof. Everything bb1000 onwards...

Wow that's massive!!! And it's the same story for my 18's. Except critical blind levels in those is more around the 300 onwards mark. Ignoring the fact that I'm 52% below EV in them across the entire bb/100 range, this is where the damage is truly done.

Again, a fucking excellent evbb/100 at these levels, but a horrendous actual. This and this alone is ruining my life, literally ruining my entire life.

So for July I mostly tried ACR out, competing in the rake race. It's relatively easy to win $500 from the race prize fund in around 30hrs, maybe 25 some weeks. On top of that is around $150 rakeback too. So $650 a week before you even break even. Being mostly 9-man games, with some on-demands too which average around 20 players, critical blind stage in these are like 200-600. Here's the graph for those levels.

Absolutely out of my control, not a thing I can do as I watch this bullshit go down every minute I play. Honestly the biggest most infuriating part is every one going to a flop with me never hit less than top pair, ever, like literally EVER, top pair MINIMUM. It's beyond insane. Stuff that used to happen like once a week max on old Stars or old FTP, happens literally every single fucking hand now. Totally controlled.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm not sure if there's anyone left who sees these posts or what but anyways I'm making a post, but as usual, it isn't a nice one.

What has been happening to me for the past 12-18 months is quite simply not in any human vocabulary to be exaplainable. All I will say is, if someone said to you you can devise a system whereby a player simply cannot win, so you are free to control the online poker number generator yourself, you can make it as obvious as the guy running into the nuts every single hand he plays, or mix it up so that it is isn't so obvious, but just so that whatever he does, he simply cannot win a single hand hardly ever again. If you were asked to design this system, you STILL wouldn't be able to dream up anything as ridiculously impossible and as obvious as what is actually happening to my accounts in real life.

for years I've whinged and whined on here about how each day/week/month seems to get just more impossible than the last, well that hasn't stopped!! It is still actually getting worse.

Am currently 3 grand in make up on Stars, and with their VIP system now being completely fucked off out the window, Scumaya shitting all over their loyal players, I've made a switch to the WPN network to compete in their rake race. SnG's that go off fairly busily during happy hours where double points are scored. It started off reasonable, the first two days that the system didn't know who I was, but then someone must have made an enquiry of some kind cuz since just two days in it's been identical to Stars in it's insane bullshit. I honestly cannot get a single critical stage shove through without being called by a top 10% hand, like never...ever, not one, ever. It's completely impossible. I'm broke and cannot win a single single single hand, well ok maybe 3% of them I can win. The players on this site have old school 11/8 nitty type stats yet are defending me 100%, leading turns 100%, I'm calling them down after the 100th time in a row adamant that THEY MUST BE BLUFFING SOMEWHERE FFS, and 100% of the time they have the nuts. It's physically insane and impossible. Sick to death