Thursday, December 31, 2015

sigh w/e brahs

So it was August that I last posted? Well, I've made pretty much nothing since then. Have hardly grinded as usual despite constantly telling myself to. There must be something mentally wrong with me, but distractions in my life really don't help my already piss poor motivational side. However when I have played it's been the usual rig.

Somewhere between then and now I got 3rd in the Hot $11 for $3k, up to was $5.7 or so which I desperately needed, and as I'm sure you will all have guessed, yet again I was CL 3 handed and lost umpteen flips I was ahead in to get the severely disappointing 3rd. Getting 1st was critical in that rare, RARRRRE MTT I actually managed to FT but it wasn't to be.

And since then it's been the same old shit. I've mainly played $3-$7 18-45mans and $2-8 180's. I'm on a GIGANTIC losing run in 180's so I've now quit them. My long term ROI in them has been pretty much destroyed and yeh it might only be 2k games which can arguably be played in a month but so what, variance should also change over time as well as volume but it makes no difference. I could quit Stars for a millennium and the day I logged back in I'd be 95% chance to run like pure shit as ever.

Running like shit is ever more confirmed on a daily basis by watching various players tiltbook statuses and winning months prove to me that the ROI's are still just as attainable as ever. Alas my account is stifled. I am losing 70% days for 2015 just as I have lost 70% all of December. Again I've slacked on the hours played side but every man and hius dog would totally understand why that is now after so soooooooooooooooooo many years of pure runslunt.

So anyways as I said, average stakes have dropped to something like $4.50 or so. I can take a few positives from certain games that show I can indeed still win and it is just variance that is permanently killing me. For example since I made the conscious decision to downstakes full time (barring the odd $15 here and there) I've done ok in $3-$7 18-45's.

68 cents per game there and 61 cents of that is the $3's alone, so none too great in the 7's but this can be seen in the EV. The $3' are just as reg infested as virtually any other game now anyway especially in the 9m hypers, christ I would rather play a $300 or even a $3k hyper STT than anything $3-$30 to be honest.

So, as I have at least something to take away from results then once again the answer is to knuckle down and work my ass off. But as we all know every time I do this and set out with that mind set, I am soon crushed to oblivion by the RNG as if to say "no laddie we won't allow this". So this means I have to overcome that, hide the stars cashier balance, ignore HEM...which incidentally brings up another matter.

I thought it might be an idea to play HUD-less, a superstitious idea that perhaps Stars rig-ware detects HUD users and stifles them a little. I don't think I've found too much difference in runnings so I may aswell bring the HUD back. Although I sometimes think it gets you into trouble more often than it generates extra ROI, when u rejam on a 40% opener from MP and he has top 10% every time instead of what the HUD stats imply he has, without the HUD that would've been a default fold if you didn't remember the player's name/style. But then again I was playing HUD-less yesterday and got down to the last 6 tables or so having been screwed left right and centre so thought f it may aswell fire it up, and a player to my right who'd kept raising from the button in quite a tight inflection point of a 45man, showed he was raising like 90% of a significant sample which allowed me to rejam 89s from the SB with 10bbs and get the fold. So it's swings and roundabouts with HUDs, hard to know whether to keep using or not.

So if you're wondering how I'm actually still living and paying rent etc, well I'm not really. Owe my friend who I live with around $5k in rent and am currently staying at the gf's so the last 3 months is debatable whether he will charge me the full amount or not. He's pretty lax with money though so with any luck he'll just say call it X amount and leave it there. I still have around $13-14,000 worth of car and motorbike to sell so all isn't lost just yet.

Happy New Year!