Friday, August 25, 2017

yet more hilarity

So my backer asked me to give the WPN another go as transferring money on Stars has no become a bitch. So I agreed. An absolute mirror image carbon copy of what happened when I first tried...happened all over again!! The first happy hour saw me fly up to nearly $500 profit straight away. Nice. But we knew what was coming. The system very quickly realised I was back, all the whistles and bells were set off and the algorith adjustment their end promptly saw me brick the following 70 games for the day for a stunning -$600!!!

Shoved into AA infinity ammount of times and did the usual gigantic CL to bubble boy in 3 successive hands on about 5 $30 STT's. Not one sinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngle 3bet flattor saw less than 5 pair flop for him, even if he'd misclick called 72o. Not one sinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngle 8/4 nit folded to a 495x 3bet and didn't flop quints holding T3o, I mean it's just complete and utter fully controlled super user housebot bullshit every single, single, single, single hand ever.