Monday, September 23, 2013

3/4 summary

win a bit, 2000 games break even, win a smidge, 4000 games break even, win a tad, 1500 games break even so far, prolly heading for another 5k in total. I honestly don't know how I've won a single cunting penny all year. RIGGED2SHYT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

plain had enough of the game

My volume of late has just been pathetic. And it's all come from the gradual grinding down of my soul, the relentless bullshit that just will not ever give up raping my ass consistently. I'm still around 70% losing days on the year, despising the game. If someone gave me a ticket outta here I'd snap their arm off. Like I dunno, probably for $2 million I would agree to never play online poker again. Happily. ECSTATICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe even for less.

Really dunno what my future holds in this game, I'm moving soon to a friend's where my outgoings will be roughly halved, I'm sure that won't do much for motivation to play either. Yet I need to make maximum money to eventually move into my own place again, preferrably BUYING somewhere. That prospect is just plain fucking LOL right now that's for sure.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

nothing to see here

Imagine one day I'll post something a little refreshing to report about this total hell hole of a poker site, but that day is probably a few decades off. yes another 10 or 20 years until they're rumbled, tried and hanged for their offences.

I signed up for a 180 comp through 2+2 from August 12th til 2nd September. It was a team comp which me and piratos14 teamed up for picking another 2 players to make it 6 teams of 4. Was quite surprised even that many turned out actually. Our other two memebers were mikjii15 and s@mauraiplaya. I'd never heard of either of them and pirate had some weird selection process which saw them recruited. Whatever, I didn't care too much as short term there was obviously gonna be a huge amount of luck involved.

So naturally doom insta struck didn't it. I immediately fell sick just before it was due to start, resulting in my promise to volume alot more than usual being a huge fail. I still played more than a few players who pretty much quit before they'd even started, so a nice little donation of $135 towards the comp from them was greatly appreciated. was captain of one team and was doing his usual of spouting complete bullshit about how our team has no chance. Well we obviously proved them wrong, sustaining a +30% ROI while the other teams could only manage a pathetic 12% average over +25k games collectively LOLOLOL!! That's the standard of 180 regs these days. The result isn't certain yet, we are neck and neck with team hennerz which requires audits to confirm things.

Again, naturally the last 2 days of the comp I ran like complete aids, busting gigantic stacks in countless $15 FT bubble and FT stages, hands like this which are absolutely catastrophic coolers.

Today was the worst day of the entire 21 days of the comp, for all of us, we all ran like total fucking aids. But for me today was beyond belief. Totally fucking amazing shit constantly all day, I managed to shatter more records. In 100 AIPF's I was 800bb/100 below EV. I mean that figure is fuciking hysterical. Lliterally 100% of 80-20s, 70-30s, everything lost. Not a single flop without an Ace (of which I obviously didn't have). Then after 300 showdowns I was still 500bb/100 below LMFAO. I challenge anyone on earth to spend hours on their database to find any sample of 100 or 300 hands with that figure. No one will be able to get it, cuz it's only me with the 10000% controlled account, physically controlled just not even debabatable. Just sick to fucking death of it.