Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm not sure if there's anyone left who sees these posts or what but anyways I'm making a post, but as usual, it isn't a nice one.

What has been happening to me for the past 12-18 months is quite simply not in any human vocabulary to be exaplainable. All I will say is, if someone said to you you can devise a system whereby a player simply cannot win, so you are free to control the online poker number generator yourself, you can make it as obvious as the guy running into the nuts every single hand he plays, or mix it up so that it is isn't so obvious, but just so that whatever he does, he simply cannot win a single hand hardly ever again. If you were asked to design this system, you STILL wouldn't be able to dream up anything as ridiculously impossible and as obvious as what is actually happening to my accounts in real life.

for years I've whinged and whined on here about how each day/week/month seems to get just more impossible than the last, well that hasn't stopped!! It is still actually getting worse.

Am currently 3 grand in make up on Stars, and with their VIP system now being completely fucked off out the window, Scumaya shitting all over their loyal players, I've made a switch to the WPN network to compete in their rake race. SnG's that go off fairly busily during happy hours where double points are scored. It started off reasonable, the first two days that the system didn't know who I was, but then someone must have made an enquiry of some kind cuz since just two days in it's been identical to Stars in it's insane bullshit. I honestly cannot get a single critical stage shove through without being called by a top 10% hand, like never...ever, not one, ever. It's completely impossible. I'm broke and cannot win a single single single hand, well ok maybe 3% of them I can win. The players on this site have old school 11/8 nitty type stats yet are defending me 100%, leading turns 100%, I'm calling them down after the 100th time in a row adamant that THEY MUST BE BLUFFING SOMEWHERE FFS, and 100% of the time they have the nuts. It's physically insane and impossible. Sick to death

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